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Confessions of Instagram Stories

Hi, I’m Instagram Stories & I’m Kind ova Big Deal.

I’ve been telling you, I’m the new TV.

I’m saying it again here.

On BIYF Marketing, where everyone wants to get no bullshit marketing & sales advice.

But yeah, I’m kind ova big deal.


Oh me, Instagram Stories.

I’m a have been a huge part of my users experience and just like with any new feature, there’s gonna be people who ruin it with crap content.

But certainly not you, you know how to push out that juicy stuff.

You already know how I roll, you get to see what your friends and frenemies are up to. If you like it, you’ll stick around a while to watch. If it’s lame AF, go ahead and swipe to the next friend/frenemy.

Sometimes, there are these things called Stories Ads that come in.

Most times they are horrible, but sometimes they rock…. especially if you follow Netflix!

I should know, I’m Instagram Stories.

If you have hustled to have more than 10K followers, you get to send your viewers off of me & have them go read a blog post, buy some make-up or enrol in a limited time webinar to make them earn $6,000 in their next month!

It’s true, this stuff.

You know, I’m Instagram Stories.

I see it all.

And if you haven’t seen my new shit.

Check this out.

You now see me SUPER sizing previews.

Isn’t it awesome?!

Now you can get a sneak peek at your friends/frenemies stuff and decide to go watch it before they waste another 15 seconds of your time.

Heck, TV isn’t this good.

When was the last time TV told you that what you are going to see might be a big suck and waste of your precious time?

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