Do it or you’re dead to me!

So 12 days ago I posted this video. It wasn’t serious!

When Andy said “we should create a crazy YouTube channel”, I didn’t think he was serious either.

Then, 3-days later, he sent me this message to my LinkedIn account:

That weekend, Stan, Andy and I were on a conference call talking about what and why we wanted to turn this into something real. By Monday, we were recording our first podcast, and at the time of me writing this (12 days after the original post), the following has been done:

  • Domain purchased, the website built (original video edited to fit as a home-page)
  • Facebook Public Page set-up
  • Facebook Group
  • Group GMail created
  • Google Analytics set-up
  • Facebook Tracking Pixel created and installed
  • Patreon Page set-up
  • YouTube Channel Created
  • Episode 1 – recorded + edited

OK, so in doing this over the last couple of days I failed to consider one snag in my plan. You see Thursday’s, around noon EST (1 hour from me writing this) is among the peak YouTube viewing times. On YouTube you can pre-record your podcast, upload and schedule it, so my plan was to launch this new “business” with the first recorded podcast (and do a quick actual live video announcement on Facebook just before it goes live to tell friends, a few minutes before).

I was going to make it too had I not failed to remember this minor detail: It takes 24 hours after set-up before you can actually schedule a live podcast on YouTube.


So the plan remains the same, but will simply be delayed a few days.

It’s fine, no harm done, this is all a labor of love for us anyway. But in keeping with the spirit of this site, and some of the items we discuss in Episode 1, consider this:

Whether we launch 12 days or 14 or 25 days after the original post doesn’t change much. The bottom line is that within weeks, an entirely new business/organization/enterprise can be created by team members distributed internationally, with a robust online presence and all the tracking mechanisms necessary to build and grow an audience.

In wanting to provide the public with helpful information, consider the To-Do items I listed above. None of that stuff is rocket science and it’s a decent skeleton for any online venture. You can quickly figure out how to do it online or easily find someone to help you do it, and often inexpensively. Our total expense so far has been the cost of a domain (generously donated by Andy).

If you have a vision for a new project, and you believe in it, don’t hesitate for a second. Infrastructure is cheap now! Ideas and results are what matter today, so stop just thinking about it and do it! “Otherwise you’re dead to me” (explained in episode 1). I can wait a day or two to launch episode 1, in fact, I kind of like that YouTube is slowing me down.

Stay tuned!




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