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One of my first interviews on BIYF was with Casie Lane Millhouse-Singh, talking about “How to make a GIF trend in under 24 hours”.

At about 12 minutes in Casie mentions she’d like to have a talk with Gary Vaynerchuck, so for fun, I inserted the caption “Dear Gary V., Casie would like to talk to you!”

Well, it turns out destiny has fulfilled itself and Casie got her meeting! 😁

Dear Gary V.,

I trust you employed Casie on the spot!!

Dear Casie,

I have no doubt this is just a small chapter in an epic career, just getting started!

Casie is under the impression this interview is responsible for making her the Queen of GIF’s and for this encounter with Gary. I doubt that! Sure, if you search “How to make a GIF trend” that interview appears near the top, but how many people are actually searching that? It was posted in April and as of today has 220 views on YouTube – Not exactly something you’d call viral!

It’s because Casie Lane Millhouse-Singh is a rockstar in her own right!

I DON’T MAKE TALENT! At best I’m just good at recognizing it!!

That said, seeing this in my messenger yesterday morning made my day before it even got started! ❤️❤️❤️

“I told him what you did for me”

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