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Awards are nice, people are nicer!

Truth is paradoxical.

Consider these expressions for examples:

Actions speak louder than words.   |   The pen is mightier than the sword.

Look before you leap.	           |   He who hesitates is lost.

The early bird catches the worm.   |   Haste makes waste.

The day after the WOI Awards Gala in Toronto I needed to take some time to reflect. Before even starting my workday that Monday, with its regular clearance of emails and messages that had accumulated over the weekend – while getting my kids ready for school; two client-contacts from the same project were in harassment mode (emails, text messages, call-hangup-call-again, leave a voice message, repeat).

In the backdrop, I had other business to attend to plus an event I was preparing to moderate and the anticipation of an awards gala at which I was a nominee.

Both events have now come and gone. As I woke up yesterday the winner of a WOI Award, I considered the emotional arch I had just passed through. It ran something along these lines:

👉 Not expecting to win and not wanting to get hopes up 👉 Wanting to win without getting hopes up 👉 Getting hopes up 👉 Winning 👉 Joy/Pride 👉 Mix of Pride and “Meh”.

Don’t get me wrong, the gala was lovely. There were indeed many inspiring people and speeches, all deserving of recognition. People like Roz Savage and the Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt to name just a couple. And of course, it’s always very humbling and rewarding to feel recognized with an award.

The best things in life are free. | No such thing as a free lunch (or award).

What I'm getting at is this:

The awards gala was the impetus for the “Master Your Digital Reputation” event I was moderating the night before. The other panelists were also nominees in a variety of categories (Tim AlisonDenise AlisonShelly Elsliger and Chantel Soumis).

Each of these speakers participated voluntarily. Tim initiated the idea and sponsored the event, assuming all financial risks. We all participated in numerous video conferences leading up to the event – the discussions always centered around WHO we thought our audience was, and HOW we could best deliver VALUE to that audience.

When I introduced the panel I talked about the amiable dynamics and camaraderie of this group. I mentioned that in my observations, they each operate from a core of integrity – the crown jewel of your reputation, digital and otherwise.


What will I remember most about this week?

🏆 Seeing/Meeting in-person these people whom I have grown fond of.

🏆 Meeting new people at our event.

🏆 Seeing us make a clean sweep in our respective categories!

🏆Seeing Tim; a seasoned entrepreneur and podcaster with reduced and pained mobility, vibrantly share of himself with everyone in his path.


🏆 I watched him and his daughter share this journey – When I think about this and my children it brings a happy tear to my eye (funny that I cry more for joy and triumph than sad stuff, and that they are the same physiological response!?!).

🏆 Being able to stand up on a stage and thank my wife for putting up with me each day, my mother for being my mother! And to give a shout-out to my grandmother who’s memory is with me always. – To show gratitude to these three women who inspire me each day.

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